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We’ll find your needle of optimal price in haystacks of data.

As a publisher, you’ve worked hard to create
valuable content.
But in media buying, the buy side has a lot more
information about their options than the sell side does. We don’t think that’s fair!

elasticiti leverages quantitative finance models and stats to
help publishers quickly find their “needle of optimal price” in haystacks of data.

In short, we’ve leveled the playing field. learn more >

see the whole picture

We collect, scrub, and normalize multiple data sources for you, to give you a true understanding of trends affecting monetization. Assessing your sales opportunities requires that we review the relationships between the different descriptors of your product portfolio and advertiser demand. These insights can best be derived through cloud-based data mining and machine learning.

use the most advanced, effective models

We leverage established techniques from the financial and travel industries and the social sciences. As veterans of the industry, we also apply knowledge of real-world analytic techniques used by top publishers. Our breadth and depth of analytic expertise allows publishers to make more informed decisions in a fraction of the time.

leverage best practices

Responding to RFPs is like taking a pop quiz every day. Science is worthless if it doesn’t plug seamlessly into the workflow. We will identify the right process for your organization and the best practices that will help you best increase your accuracy and velocity.