about us

Founded in 2012, elasticiti brings together a group of veteran media professionals and developers. Our mission is to empower publishers in their negotiations to make smarter decisions that lead to long-term revenue increases. In short, we live to make premium sales, more premium.

elasticiti was founded by Benjamin Reid, who has 17 years media experience both within large publishers such as About.com and supporting publishers working for Operative Media. Reid’s front-line experience ensures elasticiti’s solutions meet the complex demands of today’s online publishers.

Work with us

Are you brilliant? We’re hiring!

We’re always looking for Python/Django and Hadoop experts – see our job req here. Stats and math experts and quant-finance types are also encouraged to contact us.

If you have a background in yield management working for a publisher, we are also interested in speaking.

Drop us a line info@elasticiti.com

Benjamin Reid

Founder/CEOWhat I do:Lead our merry band, dream up cool ideals, listen to customers
What I did:Sales Operations, Solutions Architect, General ManagerWhat I dig:Bike racing, travel, music

Robert Tsai

PrincipalWhat I do:Technical Architect, Engineering, Analytics ConsultingWhat I did:Solutions Design for leading AdTech companiesWhat I dig:Python, cooking, Texas Hold ‘Em